Introducing the new food brand for a family that has been over generations in the dairy industry. It is our goal to provide a product that emerges in the market seeking to conquer consumers of all ages and tastes.

Jorge and Rosa Zea

CEO & Founder


For a family that has been by many generations in the dairy industry, they wanted to modernize and provide a product that was emerging in the market, they decide to launch its own Greek yogurt brand aiming to conquest the new generations of dairy consumers.


The creation of a Greek Yogurt brand with naming design, logo, identification system, brand message, product display, stands, point of sale, food product design, menu and their respective packaging and attire. We positioned the brand as a delicious, farm-oriented and eco friendly experience. We also launched their responsive website ready to receive home orders.


Diversification of product in the family. Creation of new category and own mark. Creation of Greek yogurt bar restaurant. Important result in sales with return on investment in 8 months.

Big Win

Return on investment in 8 months.



Year of development


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