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From 0 to 1.5M worldwide readers in 4 years.

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Braindy, managed to capture all the ideas I had and the result exceeded my expectations. Their design level is high and perfectionist, just like our brand. Therefore, we continue with their services and advice "

Karol Franco

CEO & Editorial Director


We had to create a 100% digital platform whose content will generate credibility, be easy to read, aesthetically appropriate and have a pleasant interaction with the audience. At a technical level, it was essential that it be an agile platform, highly editable and with a very intuitive CMS (Content Management System), easily accessible and with scaling capabilities, since a digital magazine grows and grows every month.


After understanding in depth the audience we were addressing and using business creation methodologies such as Lean Startup, Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model Canvas, Golden Circle, among others. We had the roadmap drawn up to launch the project of being one of the first 100% digital magazines with a gender and diversity approach in Colombia.


The reception of the magazine was without equal, in its first 4 years more than 1k contents have been produced, it has a team of more than 55 authors in 7 countries, it has been visited by more than 1.5M users globally, it has a bounce rate of 37% and a session duration of 9 minutes.

The writers who participate in Level Magazine increase their capacity for career advancement due to the great credibility it gives them in their personal brands. We have cases of writers who have won scholarships to master's degrees at major universities, among others beautiful success stories.

The magazine is a benchmark for stories and content on gender and diversity, so much so that several well-known media have cited its content to support some of its news

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