A SaaS solution that allows their customers to manage their tires in an effective and cheap way need it a brand and website to position them self in the market


An entrepreneur, in one of his tire supply businesses realizes that the consumption of tires is very high and expensive for the transport sector. He decides to create a SaaS capable of managing tires in favor of being able to optimize its use and with it save thousands of dollars. He achieve it but he found out another challenge, the sector has little understanding of technology and much less attention into artificial intelligence and data mining, which generates a huge barrier to sell their solution to the predominant buyers.


Introduce a new tech startup brand into the highly competitive tire market with a name that stands. Nami, logo, brand message, identification system and website design. All brand communication had to project the benefits, savings and on top of that, it has to show the environmental impact that was generated by the optimal management of tires in the transportation sector


Multiple awards and investment rounds have been won by its shocking solution.Today they manage the tires of the most important transport companies in the region.They went from 2 employees to more than 50 in the first 2 years.Today they are leaders in Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence in the tire industry.


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Sebastián Baquero

CEO & Founder

Year of development




Type of project

Tech Startup Design “Entrepreneurship”

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Brand Strategy
Identity System
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