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2014 & 2021




The directors of GLC wanted to reflect all the academy and infrastructure innovations that they've done in recent years in their branding and aesthetics

The challenge was very interesting because they have embraced multiple academic innovation methodologies like Project Based Learning, Entrepreneurship approach, among others, leaving behind the elderly and traditional way of schooling. They changed their curriculum and even transformed their infrastructure by the hand of Harvard's Education Phd and Architect Frank Locker consultancy.

After all of those revolutionary changes, the next big move was to improve their branding and make it look like the innovative school they have become without losing its 28+ years of distinction and its high recognition and reputation in the education sector.

The main problem they had was that the logo was never changed from the foundation of the school and they didn’t have a brand guideline and brand system that reflects all of their innovative culture and prestige.

Moreover, we needed to make it look modern so the new generations of parents feel identify with the school culture and feel the need to become part of the school community.


After the research of the current client’s perception and the benchmarking of other schools and international universities. We inspired the solution having in mind the evolution that the Ivy League universities (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton and Yale) did to refresh and reposition their brands.

Furthermore, the design process could move forward by embracing the Flat Design long lasting trend that has revolutionized most of the last rebrandings of the highly positionate fortune 500 companies and let us simplify the logo to make it more digital and recognizable.


Over the research we learned that the current main target of parents were mostly millennials and those only follow highly digital and purpose-driven brands.

Golden Circle
Brand Voice

Redesigning the Logo

The first thing we needed to do was to optimize the logo for the digital age, simplify its form keeping only the essentials, such as the inner book, the GLC, the tree pillars, the sun shine, the shield shape and modernize its colors. All within the Flat Design trend.

Merchandising and Attire

With the new brand it sparked the idea of creating an institution store in which the alumni community could buy merchandising and clothing of the school.

The new Website

The school was about to turn 30 year old and with the recent rebranding they needed it to modernize their digital presence starting with their own website.

The Challenge here has a very high end scope, because during the pandemic all education turns into digital, the website becomes their new infrastructure and a critical tool to communicate with their community by desktop, tablet and mobile environment.

Therefore, we leverage to design and develop the new website within the current one so they don't lose all of the SEO positioning and the 5+ years of news and content that they had in the website that we also designed back in 2015.

Consequently, the first thing was to understand that the publication of news is what brings most of the traffic to the page, which meant that it had to take this content production to another level. With this we created the new Blog section where we are teaching the community and future Giraldinos everything we have learned about our Caobos method.

The pandemic implied creating dozens of virtual events and the website could not be exempt from it. That is why we created an events section where it not only serves as a registration system but also allows them to later view the memories and recorded video of the session so that those who could not see it live always find it on the school page.

Im addition, when we realized that they have more than 300 content published in the website, we found ourselves in the need to create a native search engine for the page so they could find everything they are looking for in the institution rapidly and with precise accuracy.

The pandemic also forced them to make contact with the school purely digital, which meant that we had to increase human contact between the platform and those who contact them. For this reason, we design 4 ways to contact the school depending on their need and they are attended directly by the person in charge.

Los Caobos has been characterized during these 30 years for always being at the forefront in its educational model, its facilities and therefore its website could not be left behind. That is why we were inspired by one of the most recent design trends called Glass Morphism, which is a variation of flat design with very colorful and lively background gradients that are used under squares with the appearance of "glass" that when interacting with they have a 3D movement. The latest updates of IOs, Android and Microsoft have been inclined by this trend which filled us with security to implement it.

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Admissions have doubled since all of these implementations and the former alumni are approaching the school to be part of the active entrepreneurship community.

Moreover, the brand was highly recognized and celebrated by the education sector, and has become the reference of the rebranding that most of Colombian schools are doing.

With the innovative support of Xcala among all of these 8+ years we highly increase the school admissions, brand recognition and digital experience"

Juliana Benítez

Admissions director

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