Big win

Establishment of the country's first specialized center for rare diseases.

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Scope of project

Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Identity System

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Year of development

OrphiPass has been a beacon of hope in the battle against rare diseases. The revitalized branding and digital presence have truly elevated our mission, making OrphiPass a leading force in the fight against rare diseases.

Jaime Berrio

General Manager


Addressing the critical issue of rare diseases in Colombia, where an estimated 3 million people, 75% of whom are children, and 30% under the age of 5, face challenges due to lack of precise data on prevalence. With over 30 million people in Latin America affected, the need for a dedicated Rare Disease Reference Center emerged.


Revitalized branding, starting with a versatile and contemporary logo, color scheme aligned with rare diseases, and a website showcasing the direct correlation between orphan diseases, drugs, and treatments. High-impact digital presentations were designed for engagement with health entities and the Ministry of Health.


The website became a leading reference for orphan disease treatments, providing detailed information and aiding patient understanding. Multiple national Health Promoting Entities (EPS) have collaborated with the program, treating patients with rare diseases successfully.

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