Rocking the World from Bogotá to Times Square: The Meteoric Rise of Capital Fire!

Braindy knew exactly how to pivot our band's image. They didn't just redesign our logo; they inspired us to rethink our approach to creating and marketing rock and roll music.

Julián Sánchez



To renew the image of a rock band, formerly known as Julian's Fire, to reflect its evolution into Capital Fire, emphasizing its connection with the Colombian capital and the vitality of modern rock.


Creation of a minimalist and contemporary design that captures the essence of Bogotá and the band's rebellious energy, combining vivid colors and elements that highlight the group's identity. A key aspect was the simplification and evolution of the phoenix, the band's logo symbol, to create a more impactful and memorable visual representation.


A rejuvenated brand that has reached new levels of recognition, culminating with its prominent presence in Times Square and solidifying its position in the current music scene.

Big Win

Capital Fire Ignites the Global Stage: Their Bold New Brand Lights Up Times Square!



Year of development


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Capital Fire
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