The resume is no longer reviewed by humans but by a system called ATS. This new company is dedicated to overcome that system bar.

Braindy’s branding expertise transformed our identity, making it compelling and instantly recognizable. Our clients now proudly showcase their CVs, and the success stories are pouring in. The new brand has given us a fresh, professional edge that we desperately needed.

Andrés Girón

CEO & Founder


Create a compelling brand for a service that optimizes CVs to surpass ATS systems, ensuring job seekers stand out in the competitive job market.


Developed a new brand strategy, name, logo, identity system, and branded merchandise to ensure a cohesive and modern brand presence.


The new brand quickly resonated with the audience, generating immediate results and establishing the first success stories of customers landing their dream jobs.

Big Win

Helped multiple customers secure their dream jobs or at least get interviews at top companies, proving the brand's effectiveness.


Professional Services

Year of development


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