ConcretoPro: Digitalizing Quality Assessment in Concrete Laboratories for Cemex High Tech.

ConcretoPro, an exemplary MVP executed in record time by Braindy, enhanced the concrete lab evaluations and upgraded our process standards. The invaluable insights and positive reception from our team and clients are very promising.

Juan Fernando Girón

Head of Ecosystems and Digital Projects, Cemex


Cemex High Tech needed a digital tool that would allow their clients to systematically and educationally evaluate the quality of their concrete laboratories. Laboratories play a crucial role in construction quality, and a lack of standards can result in suboptimal products. Moreover, they wanted to collect valuable data that would help both Cemex and its clients understand areas for improvement, thus establishing a clear path towards operational excellence and adherence to quality standards.


We developed an MVP for a digital solution named ConcretoPro, a responsive web platform accessible 24/7 from any device. ConcretoPro enables users to evaluate their concrete laboratories through a 22-question interactive quiz. Upon completion, they receive personalized recommendations narrated by a specifically created virtual avatar. Additionally, a backend system allows Cemex to monitor usage and collect valuable data on the areas of improvement in the clients' laboratories, facilitating a continuous improvement process.


The platform received high internal praise, with VP and C-level executives applauding it and projecting high expectations and additional funds for its continuous development. This project not only aligns with Cemex's goal of helping laboratories reach high quality standards but also lays a solid foundation for future digital innovations.

Big Win

Robust platform creation facilitating the evaluation and continuous improvement of clients' concrete laboratories.



Year of development


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