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Position Experian DataCrédito Empresas as the ally of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs with a 100% digital platform that allows them to find good-paying clients through a color risk tracker that lets them know if their prospect customer is a good fit or not so they could make more informed financial decisions.

The challenge was very important because more than 70% of Colombian companies are entrepreneurs and solopreneurs so it was a huge market that did not have access to know the financial risk (credit-score) that their prospect clients have and couldn’t make informed financial decisions, like sell at installments, set payment terms, among others.

The challenge of creating a digital startup within a multinational company was very hard because of their technology barriers, it's hierarchical personal structure and the impact that was expected from the state holders.

Moreover, by being in the financial sector and data risk credit-scoring, the privacy and confidentiality was at the highest levels. It means that some strategies and things we designed could not be told and shown in these case studies.


After understanding in depth the audience we were addressing and using business creation methodologies such as Lean Startup, Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model Canvas, Golden Circle, among others. We had the roadmap drawn up to launch the project of being the first 100% digital risk financial tracker for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in Colombia.

Therefore, through our own framework for building and re-building brands, we always start with the brand personality. We think of a brand as a person and with that we use the 12 Personality types that famous psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung once defined and marketers has translated into brand archetypes. We find out that the value proposition of the brand was built in data and knowledge so The Sage Personality Archetype  was cristal clear the go to for this case.

In addition, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs are really in pain when it comes to collecting payments from their bad-paying customers, they lose money and plenty of time in that activity. We all know that there is no bigger headache than a customer with overdue accounts.

With that in mind, we created a digital platform that allows them, just by including some non-sensible information like the ID number of the prospect into the SaaS (software as a service), letting them know in seconds the kind of risk that the prospect customer has with a visual color-tracker infographic that use Red for high, Orange for medium and Green for low risk. With that simple graphic approach they could know instantly and without making any business decisions if the prospect is a good fit or not.


With the launch of the SaaS platform most clients love it. It validates the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and value proposition. Now the real challenge has begun, we need it to make it massive and let those 70% of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs know we were out there giving this service. That is when our sales funnels and inbound marketing strategy came into place.

We had two tactics: direct sales and indirect sales, both aiming to generate traffic to their SaaS website and therefore creating quality leads that became new clients.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) & Paid Ads

The first one was straight forward by telling the solution with direct advertising and paid ads in Google Display, Adsense, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Most of it offered a free first consultancy for using the platform for the first time and it brought the first 2 thousand customers. We call them the early adopters.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics and inbound marketing

The second tactic was made with the long run in mind by creating a new market that starts trusting the brand by a content creation strategy in which we taught them financial skills, How TOs…, collecting best practices, among multiple others.

Web-Blog & Webinars design

To make that a reality we built a Blog with four journalists that writes about Collections, Fraud, Sales and Marketing. The outcome was great, people started asking for advice and more content so we decided to create a live-webinar in which we spands those topics and have Q&A sessions. After a couple of weeks of that kind of content the audience wanted to see the speakers live in events, so we started doing conferences in most of the IT-Events and talks.

Video testimonials production

On the other hand, we need it to create more trust among the new customers that arrive at the website so we made a series of testimonial videos where we show the experience they had with the product and tell the benefits they got.

We built the script with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP®) techniques with an interview method in which they could tell the story in a natural way and say the most valuable insights and benefits that the tool has given to them.

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Digital marketing it's all about the numbers. We reach 55k+ daily visitors to the SaaS website leading to 11k+ daily leads that generated more than 150 new clients.

Inbound marketing is all about engagement rate. We accomplished an ER of 4.01% in Facebook and 7.6% in Linkedin. The blog readers was about 2k and the viewers of the webinars was between 100 and 150 people per session.

Xcala, is our full stack digital agency. We have implemented Neuro Marketing strategies that have contributed to the development of the platform and its digital campaigns success”

Andrés Girón

Digital Director

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