Helping create a digital intrapreneur project within a Billion dollar multinational tech company specialized in credit risk management and fraud prevention.

Braindy is our full-stack digital agency. We have implemented Neuro Marketing strategies that have contributed to the development of the platform and the success of its digital campaigns”

Andrés Girón

Digital Director


Addressing the critical need of over 70% of Colombian entrepreneurial ventures lacking access to prospective clients' financial risk information, hindering informed financial decision-making.


Developed a SaaS platform where users input non-sensitive data like ID numbers of prospects, promptly receiving a visual color-tracker infographic indicating risk levels - Red for high, Orange for medium, and Green for low risk, simplifying decision-making on financial terms.


Post-launch, the platform received positive feedback, validating the MVP and engaging the target market. With strategic inbound marketing, SEM, Paid Ads, SEO, Web-Blog & Webinars, and video testimonials, they achieved 55k+ daily visitors and 11k+ daily leads, converting to over 150 new clients.

Big Win

They reach 55k+ daily visitors to the SaaS website leading to 11k+ daily leads that generated more than 150 daily new clients.


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