Nicolás Márquez

By day, Nicolás does teaching, branding, and web design. But at night, he’s known as NickMark the growth brander – Who turns underrated marks into high-value purpose-driven brands

Nicolás Márquez is also a multidisciplinary designer that merges his Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP®) and Coaching knowledge with design thinking and multiple other innovation methodologies whose work encompasses brand strategy, identity, web, packaging and product design

Nicolás is a Colombian award-winner industrial designer, who graduated from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Number ONE university in Colombia, 23rd in Latin America and 501 world university rankings 2022 - THE). And he also has  a master degree in Advance Neuro-Linguistic Programming® and Coaching (NLP®-Coach) certified by Dr. Richard Bandler, the creator of NLP®.

He was fortunate to land his dream internship-job during college working on Brain Tanking Innovation in where he has the opportunity to work with renowned Colombian brands suchs as Grupo Nutresa (Doria, Don Maíz, Cremhelado), Bavaria, Kokoriko, Emgesa Codensa, Panaca, Hiper Centro Corona, among others. In which he learned the innovation strategies that move the C’ levels out of their comfort zones and help them accomplish the strategic goals of their organizations through creative design thinking.

During his 9+ years leading Xcala, Nicolás has won more than 10 awards globally in design and entrepreneurship and has designed and redesigned more than 115+ companies in Colombia, Chile, Belgium and USA.

Nicolás has also taught more than 3,800 hours as a college professor and corporate coach on topics related to innovation, brand strategy and neurodesign. He has skills for brand design, strategy, digital transformation, study and analysis of trends, generation of high impact business models through methodologies such as: canvas, golden circle and blue ocean strategy. 84% of his clients increase their sales and revenue as a result of the improvement in their brands.

His mission is to help companies scale in their markets by achieving their business goals with effective strategies, unforgettable identities and memorable web experiences that connect their brands with their ideal clients.

Job title

Communications, Brand and Strategy Manager (Associate) LATAM