Three mates who started a movement to show the good side of humans by letting people make the world a better place just by being HONEST.

Braindy's innovative approach to branding has been transformative for us. The new identity is fresh and modern, perfectly capturing our mission. The success of our rapid expansion and the introduction of the 'honestometer' have been remarkable. Our brand now stands out in the market, and our customers love the new look and feel.

Juan Felipe Villegas

CEO & Founder


Three university students wanted to show that good people are more than bad people. They tested an idea in an office where people buy food and voluntarily put the payment in a glass jar and if they need change they could take it without any supervision. It was a great success, people loved it and when they realized they already had more than 40 stores in different offices in the city. The new challenge was to positionate them in such a way they could enter in all the offices in town.


Brand strategy and creation of a new name, logo, website and identification system design. Development of ergonomic and easy manipulation exhibitor. Menu design and commercial presentations to generate sales.


High expansion of 40 stores to more than 200 in the first year. They could get into high end companies. They also created the "honestometer" that indicated what level of honesty each company has becoming a project for human resources.

Big Win

From 40 to 200 stores in the first year.



Year of development


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