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Development of a solid and adaptable personal brand projecting Jero Berrio's ambitions on his trajectory towards Formula 1.

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Jero Berrio

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Personal Branding

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The redesign of my brand perfectly captures my passion for motor racing and my aspirations towards Formula 1. I am completely satisfied and excited for the future with this new image that faithfully represents me

Jerónimo Berrío

Formula 4 Racer


Create a brand identity resonating with Jero's aspirations of moving from Formula 4 to Formula 1, while retaining a contemporary and centennial aesthetic.


Design of a clever logo merging the initials "jb" with his competition number "66," incorporating elements of speed, viking aesthetics, and Formula 1 vehicle silhouettes, in a neutral color palette ensuring versatility across different teams.


The robust sports personal brand, mirroring Jero's passion and aspirations, provided a strong, unique visual representation on his Formula 1 journey, earning exceptional reception and peer recognition. Jero, feeling 100% represented and drawing inspiration from sports icons like LeBron James, Rafael Nadal, Max Verstappen, and Lando Norris, saw his brand further solidified within the motor racing community as the well-received image sparked the creation of a merchandising unit featuring Jero-branded caps, hoodies, and more.

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