Repositioning the legacy of an iconic 100 year old brand into the new generations


The C levels of the company wanted to reposition the brand in the market, re-gain the reputation that it used to have between the 1990s and early 2000s, and be able to increase sales, improve pricing and brand recognition.

This challenge was very important because of the legacy that this brand has. This iconic brand introduced the italian “Formaggi a pasta filata” (String cheese) into the dairy Colombian industry back in the 1920s. They pioneered the highly well known “Queso Pera” (Pear-Shape Cheese) into the market and has been the leader of its category since then.

The main problem they had was that the brand perception was old and looked cheap because of the lack of consistency between product packaging, its aged imagery and aesthetic. All of that was making the clients perceive the products more expensive than its competition and it was not the case.7

Former Brand System
Former Packaging

Furthermore, they didn’t have a brand guideline and brand system that makes it look high end, integrated, modern and with the prestige it deserves.

In addition, we needed to make it look modern without disturbing the current clients perception and affecting its 100 years of recognition in their marketplace.


After the research of the current client’s perception and the benchmarking of brands that had similar challenges in their history. We inspired the solution having in mind the evolution that Mercedes Benz, Starbucks Coffee, among others made so they could thrive their new generations of customers.


Moreover, the design process could move forward by embracing the Flat Design long lasting trend that has revolutionized most of the last rebrandings of the highly positionate fortune 500 companies and let us simplify the logo and integrate the whole aesthetic into one of a kind.


Brand Strategy

Within our strategy session in which we always define the brand personality, between the 12 personalities that brands can have, The Sage was the go to for Del Vecchio because of its legendary knowledge of more than 100 years making fine cheese and because of its inventions and innovations that has created new markets.

The brand messaging and voice was clear from “The Sage” perspective, we are going to be the ones that talk about originality, tradition and innovation in the cheese making. Some examples are phrases like: “We are innovating since 1923” or “Did you know ... Parmesan cheese is originally from Parma, Italy. (Hence his name)"

Tagline design

“New image, same flavor since 1923”

We understood that the brand's main customer was the family oriented cheese lovers. So we created the "aficionados al queso" (cheese lovers) label to highlight the passion that they have for the brand.

Redesigning the Logo

The first thing we needed to do was to optimize the logo for the digital age, simplify its form keeping only the essentials, such as the goddess, the name, the flag and modernize its colors. All within the Flat Design trend.

Brand elements

Regarding packaging

The idea was to showcase the product with a more attractive and finer appealing, highlighting the deliciousness of the cheese but maintaining the same market price to improve its competitiveness.

Before and After
Fresh Cheese
Mature Cheese
Christmas Packaging

At the Points of Purchase

We had to achieve a more contemporary experience with friendly outfits and modern uniforms.

And finally, at a Digital level

We adapt the brand to new aesthetic trends, maintaining the visual unity in their website and social networks.


After six months of launching the new brand into the retail shelves, the product sales increased 24% comparing it to the same period of time in the year before.

Moreover, the brand was highly recognized and celebrated by the dairy Colombian industry and is conquering the new generations of customers with its modern aesthetic and brand messaging.

Just a year after its launch the largest dairy company in Colombia Alquería sought the impact of their new positioning and branding and decided to acquire the brand. Now Del Vecchio can reach all Colombian territory, enlarge their production capabilities, create hundreds of new jobs and hopefully stay in the market for another 100 years!

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A responsible, judicious work and under the alignment of the strategic planning that we designed. What a great result, my congratulations and regards"

Javier Cárdenas

General Manager

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Type of project

Enterprise redesign “Repositioning”

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